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We PRIDE ourselves
on giving all of our clients the best experience possible!

Gia hired me to get footage for her home staging. I saw the property before she staged it but  let me tell you, after I walked in and saw what she had done?? I was BLOWN AWAY!!! The decor was so beautifully put together! Nothing clashed, the space felt inviting, comfy and clean. Her eye for staging is incredible. She walked me through her creative  process and I could not fathom her skills!! She honestly made me want to purchase the property! Gia is a natural at what she does and I would recommend her to anyone that is looking to sell their property quickly! She will absolutely kill it every time!!

Kendra L., Professional Videographer 

I hired Gia and Studio 82 Staging and Design to convert my son’s room into a sports paradise. Her ability to make the vision come to life was amazing. My son loves his room and it was more than I could have ever imagined. I’ve already hired her for the next project and can’t wait to see the transformation. 

Kendric C.

Client, Homeowner 

I met with Gia for a consultation. Her eye for design and attention to detail was impressive.  She is professional and a pleasure to speak with. I’m so excited to work with her and I can’t to get home redesign started. 

Alicia B. Client, Homeowner 

I scheduled my first consultation with Studio 82 Staging & Design after seeing some of their work that was completed on a property listed in Gastonia! Gia contacted me promptly after reaching out and had a date and time scheduled in a timely manner. The meeting was very professional and courteous. I could tell she understood exactly what I was looking for and needed to make my vision a reality! I am so excited and looking forward to working with Studio 82!! 


Chauntney A.

Gia has certainly mastered the craft of staging. The staging process, from initial assessment to final presentation, is a testament to their attention to detail and creativity. The choice of furniture and décor items seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with unique character of the house, creating both welcoming and inspiring. The careful selection of color schemes and lighting adds to the overall appeal and its evident that every corner of the house has been carefully considered. Gia excels in emphasizing the key features, showcasing the property’s strengths, and allowing potential buyers to envision themselves living in this space. She has demonstrated the transformation of power of professional staging. I will never forget the feeling of peace and serenity when I first walked into the house. It’s the exact feeling people want and need when they walk into your listing.

Nicole W. , Realtor

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